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O level stands for Ordinary Level. Cambridge O Level provides learners with excellent preparation for academic progression to Cambridge Advanced as well as other progression routes. It is sensitive to the needs of different countries and for learners whose first language may not be English. After O level students can proceed to take Advanced Level A-level or sixth form or year 12 and 13 or Pre-U pre-university studies.

o level notes

Cambridge O Level leads to internationally recognised qualifications, accepted by leading universities and employers worldwide as evidence of academic ability.

Assessment takes place at the end of the course and includes written, oral and practical examinations. This gives learners a variety of ways to show their knowledge and skills, particularly when their first language is not English. Cambridge O Level examination series occur twice a year, in June and November.

Results are issued in August and January. Past papers with mark schemes for each subject are available for you to download, along with examiner reports from previous exam sessions, and specimen papers. The Cambridge O Level curriculum emphasises broad and balanced study across a wide range of subjects. After O level students can proceed to take Advanced Level A-level or sixth form or year 12 and 13 or Pre-U pre-university studies Qualification Cambridge O Level leads to internationally recognised qualifications, accepted by leading universities and employers worldwide as evidence of academic ability.

Cambridge O Levels develop learners knowledge, understanding and skills in: Subject content Applying knowledge and understanding to familiar and new situations Intellectual enquiry Flexibility and responsiveness to change Working and communicating in English Influencing outcomes Cultural awareness.

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Close Menu.Biology is a natural science concerned with the study of life and living organisms, including their structure, function, growth, evolution, distribution, and taxonomy. I hope you find them useful. In addition, your name will be written in the credits section of this post. In addition to the PDF files where all topics are covered, there are also topic-specific ppt files. The current website has been facing problems with Dropbox.

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Guess paper of ITWD (M2 - r4)- O level - ITWD most important questions January 2020 -by SATYAM sahu

A Level. Computer Science. English Literature. O Level. Great This what I want Thank you. I want notes for bio. Which notes are the best for O level Biology from above?

Yes with help. Molecular biology. Iwishto know molecular iologyjonathan. It is not accessible, please fix. Fixed, sorry.

Please fix the problem. The notes are very helpful. Hope you will fix the problem asap. Dearest apologies.

Floor and ceiling functions in c

While I fix the problem, you can access the notes from the direct link above. Thank you very much your notes are lifesavers. Biology o levels notes. I want a full biology notes and am requesting you please. All sciences. Close this module. I have made a new website: StudentBase.

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CIE O Level Notes

Ads are what keep running this site possible. Thank you!Exercises Notes Audios Videos Links. Cumulative Distribution Fun Senior 6Mathematics by Theode Niyirinda.

o level notes

Senior 4Physics by Moses Ssali. Senior 2Physics by Moses Ssali. Senior 3Physics by Moses Ssali. Mining in East Africa Notes. Senior 4Geography by CHarles Mangeni. Netherlands Inrtroduction a Senior 4Geography by Bruno Oluka. S3 - Computer Networks Notes. S2 - Computer Hardware Note S2 - New York Notes. Senior 2Geography by Kizito Magala Innocent.

o level notes

S2 - St. Lawrence Sea-way N Senior 4Fine Art by Frank Atuhairwe. Senior 5Physics by Richard Kyakoonye. S3 - The Natural Vegetation Senior 3Geography by Kizito Magala Innocent. S3 - Drainage of Africa Notes. S3 - Climate of Africa Notes. Senior 5Fine Art by Frank Atuhairwe. Senior 6Computer Science by Edward Nyika. S 2 Soil Notes. Senior 2Biology by Milton Chebet. S 4 History of East Africa. Senior 4History by Milton Chebet. Senior 1Physics by Moses Ssali.

S5 French Paper 3. Senior 5French by Peter Muhizi. Production Notes. Senior 5Economics by Peter Muhizi. S5 Price Theory Notes. S2 - Computer Hardware Notes. S5 - Introduction to A-Leve S4 Trends in Computing Notes.Hi Alina, we have noted down your request and would add revision notes of these also shortly and let you know. Hi Asher, can you please specify which type of revision resources are you looking for like O Level Computer past papers or revision notes.

Yes Ahmed, we are working on classified past papers will be uploaded soon. Any specific subject you are looking for? Hello Admin, can you please add a Bio section. And some Urdu past papers too please, also the notes of the new syllabus i. Very helpful website! Hello admin! This website is very helpful to me but I found some other subject to be included. Can you please add biology notes and past paper for o level syllabus.

It would be more thankful if you add some urdu notes along with english. This site is extremely helpful for latest question papers. Thanks for taking the effort to share them! Please keep providing quality resources are CIE exams!!! We have noted down your request and will definitely work for providing revision notes for these subjects as well. Thanks Juveria for your request. O Level. Share Facebook Twitter. Sheran March 22, at pm. Admin March 31, at pm. Alina May 14, at pm. Admin May 16, at pm.

Mrs umair November 21, at am.The satisfactory Islamiat O degree Notes compiled from all over the world at one place in your ease so you can prepare in your tests and examinations with the satisfaction which you have the best sources to be had to you. Islamiat or Islamic studies is the study of Islam It permits new students to develop an expertise of the importance of the most important ideals of Islam, and of the early records of the Islamic network. As a result, learners expand their expertise and expertise of the primary elements of Islamic religion and history, comparing the meaning and importance of these factors inside the lives and thoughts of Muslims.

Privacy Policy About us Contact us. About Islamiat: Islamiat or Islamic studies is the study of Islam It permits new students to develop an expertise of the importance of the most important ideals of Islam, and of the early records of the Islamic network. Paper 1. Paper 2. Follow us. Articles of Faith July 9, O level Pakistan studies guess paper — Expected source based April 14, Notes on the Alternative to Practical Paper. This paper is an alternative to a practical exam, not an alternative to a practical course.

The preparation for students is a well-designed practical course. The course should teach candidates how to make measurements using many different types of instruments. They should see the instruments, handle them, discuss their scales and the scale units before using the instruments. Students should understand why the choice of range for the measuring scale should match the size of the quantity being measured.

Students should know how to record measurements in a table. A table should record all the measurements needed to obtain the value of a given physical quantity. Columns or rows in the table should be headed with the name of symbol of the physical quantity.

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The unit in which the quantity is measured should be included. The SI method is recommended. Encourage neat work. Ideally, when performing an experiment and relevant readings are recorded it is helpful to arrange the experiment so that one variable is increased step by step. Candidates should always look for a trend in the recorded results. Some trends are. Inverse proportionality is generally not properly understood.

A graph is the best way to display the results of an experiment. Straight lines should FILL the page even beyond the range of points so that any gradient calculation can use the largest D y and D x. Students should understand why! D y is a measurement. Students should understand the idea of a fair test or comparison in which only one variable is altered at a time, eg when investigating how rate of cooling experiment depends on temperature room to be kept constant--room draughts, volume and type of liquid, amount of stirring.

O Level Mathematics Revision Notes

Students should be trained to give a conclusion to an experiment.Click on the subject you want to study from the list below. English Language O levels notes including summary writing guides,register notes,comprehension tips, free style and guided compositions. Manotsi eOlevel Shona pane manotsi ezvekuumbwa kemutauro weChishona, zvirungamutauro,pfupiso nhetembo, nenzwisiso. O Level Combined Science Notes for the current syllabus.

These notes will keep being updated in step with any syllabus changes. For the O level syllabus. O Level Accounts notes for both the new and outgoing curriculum. With worked examples as well as questions and answers. O level Commerce Notes for the new and outgoing curriculum. Comprehensive and in-depth coverage of all the prescribed topics. O Level notes for the current Business Studies syllabus. These notes are also useful if you are an A level student and want an introduction to the subject.

Comprehensive in-depth notes for both African Affairs and World Affairs topics for both the incoming and outgoing History syllabus. O Level notes for the incoming Biology Syllabus in clear and easy to understand concise language to ease and aid your studying.

O Level notes for both the new Business Enterprises and Skills syllabus where there is overlap we include notes for Business Studies. Comprehensive, easy to understand and in-depth notes covering Heritage Studies a relatively new subject brought in by the new syllabus. O Level notes for Computer Science including practical examples. Notes are in a clear,approachable and easy to understand language.

Ordinary Level Notes.

Download: O Level Physics Notes.pdf

Complete topics are clickable. We are constantly working to complete the notes for each subject. Your Choice. English Language. Shona Language. Combined Science.

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Business Studies. Entreprise Skills.

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